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Fondue is a P2P payment platform that makes it easier for SME merchants and customers to settle their payment process. It creates trust between both parties with the use of a common ledger supported by blockchain technology. Everything is fast, secure, and automated with Fondue.

This is an experimental project with the goal to suggest a way to solve payment security problems for SME merchants, educate myself on how to implement blockchain technology in reality, as well as learn how to create a seamless digital payment experience.

Research & Analysis

What is blockchain technology?
It is a much more efficient way to record and process something. The technology offers a shared ledger between involved parties and smart contracts for automated authorization. It reduces the number of intermediaries, steps, and time that the normal process take. The most distinctive feature is the data is grouped in blocks. The blocks are then chronologically linked together as a chain of records, secured by using cryptography. It is impossible to alter or delete added blocks, making it very safe.

Who are the target users?
SME merchants who trade with cash, plus their customers. There is a room to grow Fondue in order to support larger clients, but for now, its main focus is SME merchants.

Why is it named Fondue?
A fondue meal is hosted by a group of people. They dip small bites of food into a shared pot of tasteful liquid such as melted cheese, and chocolate, then eat them. It is a wonderful shared activity that is quick to see results--an impression which I hope the users would experience from using Fondue.

How would Fondue be used?
The payee will input payment details with Fondue to generate a QR code, then share the QR code to the payer. A payment is activated when the payer scans the QR code.

User Experience

Pain Points
Trading with cash nowadays is a risky behavior. Thieves, payment errors, and the fact that you have to carry a large wallet/fannypack or use a cash register all the time, are the inconvenience that should be reduced to minimum.

People are using smartphones more and more. Many trust their smartphones to process payments for them.

A mobile app that eliminates the visibility of cash exchange between shop owners and their customers. Instead of carrying a fannypack full of cash, a smartphone in your pocket will do a much better job.

User Flow
There are two types of users:
1. Payer: The person who completes the payment. Could be the merchant when returning changes, or the customer when buying items.
2. Payee: The person who activates the payment. Could be the merchant when selling items, or the customer when requesting changes.

Integrating Blockchain
Below is a diagram explaining how blockchain technology can be applied with Fondue's back-end system on a high level. Essentially, every Fondue user shares the same ledger that is highly secure. The ledger is pre-equipped with smart contracts to help users automate necessary processes. When a payment activity occurs, the ledger will open a transaction channel between involved parties, record the transaction, and close the channel once completed.

Fondue is divided into three main sections: My Transactions (Home), New Transaction, and Settings. First time users will go through the onboarding phase first to understand what Fondue is. After the registration/log in, the user will be taken to the home screen, which hosts a list of all transactions performed through Fondue. The user can add their payment options (bank account or credit card) via Settings. New Transaction is where the user can either request or make a payment.

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User Interface

Color Palette & Design Elements
The main idea is to establish a strong connection between what Fondue is and what the users want. Keywords were derived from both sides generate a relatable color palette and design element pattern.

What Fondue is: finance, payment
Associated Colors & Design Elements: blue, green, sharp forms, solid forms

What the users want: security, speed
Associated Colors & Design Elements: blue, high contrast, dark hues, sharp forms